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These Media Group provides professional media solutions to global and local brands which fit your need and budget. The TMG team will ensure your project is accomplished with the highest standard. From social network management to event planning services, TMG will become your best partner of media solutions.

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In TMG, we know that our clients may have busy schedules or targets, and they hope to complete their projects in just one-stop. Our project managers will understand your needs and guide different parties to have your project completed timely and carefully. We are your ideal choice as your only creative team.

Drop us a few words with your project idea or details, and we will deal with the rest.

ThisVO Solutions

As a total media solution firm, we offer...

Event Managements

We offers planning & organizing services for companies who look for professional media events and themes.

Multimedia Solutions

TMG provides multimedia productions for marketing and commercial purposes, adding rich informative content helping to engage with high customization.

System Development

If you are looking for a company to help with automating the business with Web-Based Applications, These Media provides a fully customized and flexible system development according to your custom requirements.

All "Sound" Related

From Voiceover for Radio, TV, Online Ads etc, to creating sound or even your own music and "Sound Logo", audio solution services from THISVO will work reliably with your request.


Our team of professional interpreters that can swiftly and flawlessly translate your text from a language into another language. We have fully bilingual talents and a professional translator with extensive experience in translating.


We provides advertorial services with a clear explanation of aunty points that will be easy for a viewer to follow, which we can make the script entertaining to hold the viewer’s attention while still ensuring that your message will be fully clear and accessible.

Web Design & Development

If you are looking for an extreme, versatile back-end web developer, These Media is here to help, we provide services for developing any scale of web application and web programming.

and a lot more...

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We are dedicated to media solutions that satisfy the needs of your brand, a rising number of companies choose TMG over any other firm. We are a total media solution service provider that works truly laterally with our clients every step of the way! If you are looking for top-notch service and a company that is focused on your complete satisfaction, let us show you what we can do for your business today.

Just write us a few words with your project details and we will deal with the rest.

We also provide service plans for you to consider...

You can request a custom quote based on your needs or purchase a service plan off the shelf to fit your business needs.

Our featured plans for your projects...​

  • Digital Billboard – PLAN A

    Marketing Plans

  • Digital Billboard – PLAN B

    Marketing Plans


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